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Welcome to work on your Magura, Formula Cura brakes, and more. No more plastic, goes cardboard. And yellow. Change is good.

From now on you will be able to purchase our bleed kits and fluids in new packaging. Without any doubt a paper cardboard box is more environmentally friendly than a plastic box. It’s also smarter for our logistics and produced next door.

How do you like those new colours? And checkers?

New Editions!

It’s not just about the looks, it’s also about what’s inside.

There is a new kit for Magura brakes, compatible will MT Magura models (MT8 SL, MT8 Pro, MT7 Pro, MT5, MT4, MT4 FM, MT Trail…).

Then we have a new kit for Formula Cura brakes. As the name says, it is compatible with Formula Cura brakes. It is not compatible with older type DOT based Formula hydraulic brakes.

Two of the kits for Shimano brakes now include a brass adapter for use with road brake levers, these would be the Workshop Edition and the Workshop Gold Edition which also includes Gold Hydraulic Oil.

Having the EDGE

Kits for SRAM brakes are changed a bit, especially how you choose depending on the standard of bleed port on the caliper. The editions with EDGE in their name are compatible only with brakes with Bleeding Edge bleed port and the ones without EDGE in their name are also compatible with brakes with M5 bleed port (all Avid and all older type Formula hydraulic brakes).

16 Bleed kit Varieties

Now you can choose from 16 different editions: 8 for Sram brakes, 6 for Shimano brakes and one for each Magura and Formula Cura brakes. We will be adding some more editions this year!

Add three different fluids and in total we are now offering 19 different products.

See all of them in PRODUCTS. new package

Cover photo by Anja


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