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About Us is a brand, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the sunny side of South-East Alps. This is home to some of the best cycling, mountain biking and some of the best riders you can find on this planet.

Here at we don’t like bleeding brakes. But we love to ride bikes.

The brand was started in 2011 out of necessity-there were just no good bleed kits out there.

Jani, the founder, was a wannabe “vert rider”. High up on a steep and exposed Alpine trail, brake performance was the last thing you want to worry about. Because of his arm injury Jani always had trouble braking with his left hand (that’s front brake for us Euro guys). Braking power was essential to his performance so he needed to bleed his brakes regularly. He was looking for simple, fast solutions and longevity of tools and parts used in bleed kits.’s kits constantly keep developing and improving with the help of our community which includes professional athletes and hardcore riders.


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