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About braking fluids

gold hydraulic oil
What is in your brake system, hydraulic oil or a DOT fluid? What is the difference? What are pros and cons of each? What is the difference between DOT brake fluid and mineral oil? Avid, Formula, Hayes and Hope use DOT fluid and Magura and Shimano uses mineral oil. You should never use DOT brake […]

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How to be a better rider?

bunnyhop tribe,
Relax. Being relaxed is crucial. It is important because an unrelaxed state of mind will stiffen your muscles and you can say goodbye to fluid body movements. Trust your tyres. Yes, tyres do slip and break loose, but they will regain traction as long as you don’t panic and brake. Learn the braking point of your tyre […] The best MTB disc brake you can buy

Mountain bike disc brake comparison test
It’s not just which brake is the best. It is also about which brake is the best for you. Check out this thorough comparison test by Enduro MTB Magazine. The best MTB disc brake you can buy
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