Premium Edge DOT Edition

order number: BK-80042's Premium Edge DOT Edition kit for SRAM hydraulic brakes includes 250 ml of Liqui Moly DOT 5.1 fluid, syringes for the lever and caliper ends, M5 and Edge assemblies for the lever and caliper ends, spare O-rings, a bleed block, torx wrench, velcro strap and gloves.


  • Liqui Moly DOT 5.1 fluid 250 ml
  • 2x 20 ml Becton & Dickinson syringes
  • 1x M5 assembly
  • 1x Edge assembly
  • Spare O-rings
  • Bleed block for 2 and 4 piston brakes
  • Torx T10 wrench
  • Double-sided Velcro strap 25 cm
  • Nitrile gloves (size L)

Suitable for:

This kit is compatible only with the latest SRAM 2017+ hydraulic brakes with Bleeding Edge bleed port.


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